Making Plans For A Wedding Or For Marriage?


Do you often wonder why people say they are not ready for marriage? Sometimes, some people don’t even know what this means and observing them, can make one wonder, if it is marriage of wedding they talk of, because many people really live with the idea that they will never be ready for marriage and that part can be true as marriage is a life long journey. However is one getting ready for the wedding costs or for the union of marriage?


Marriage is a binding union, it is something that comes after a relationship is established and people who have been in a relationship want more from one another- it is a symbolism of respect to a woman and a sense of belonging to a man. It is sad, but it is true that no matter how beautiful a marriage should be, things beyond our explanation happen.


Specimen: A man meets a woman, both of them earn a living, they meet on different occasions and the man says I really want this woman forever, they get married and five years down, no child, things just go wrong. The unplanned which they never thought would happen despite their love, their love for a child and their able providing arms, things fall apart- even though they are in love. Secondly, there may be another couple who have no earning, or let’s say they do but they have a little lower than the earliest couple, stick with one another and probably like most lovers, they tie the knot- now kids come, bills come. The question then, is how do these couples act upon the life thrust on them?


Presumably anyone can say that no one is ever ready for marriage or its predicaments- good or bad. Like many, we are never perfect beings, we handle our issues differently. Suggestions go that we bond and make every effort to settle with those who stay when things happen.


A wedding day, is totally different from what will happen in any marrige. Planning for your wedding is awesome, but so is making marriage decisions. Marriage is a journey. It is a journey that only comes to an end in death, it is never rosy, it never gives a promise and never fulfills a man except he wants it to, it is like life itself where- you ALWAYS have something to learn from it.


Quick Advice from Pastor Chris Ojigbani 

What is the basic financial requirement for a man before marriage?

There are many men who do not want to get married until they become very rich. In some cases, it may take them years to make the kind of money they need before they get married. Some end up not even making the money. The truth is that you don’t need excess money to get married; rather you need marriage to make excess money. The principal financial requirement for a man before marriage is to have a job that gives him a basic salary, no matter how small. It is very important that you have a regular source of income. If you are operating your own business, ensure you make a steady income no matter how little. Once you have a job and accommodation no matter how little, you can get married. When you are married, God says, you have found a good thing and you will obtain favor from him (Proverbs 18:22). The marriage will not only increase the level of God’s favor upon your life, it will also increase your spiritual strength. The combination increased favor from God and making excess money when you go about it the right way. God bless you! Image



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