Marriage Advice For Married Couples

ImageThe rate at which divorce/separation is becoming a social status symbol is quiet alarming. The idea that many have done wrong is becoming evident in the news we hear each day and undoubtedly, it is a proof that many things have gone wrong. It seems that in no-time, people will have and attend divorce parties to celebrate their divorce anniversaries; they will choose aso-ebi, hire a hall and popular musicians much more just so they tell everyone they no longer live with someone they made a vow to. Sadly, the question of “when are u getting divorced?, when are you leaving her/him?” might become frequent.

However, If ever you don’t want to be in the trend of this, it is time you answer some questions;

Can you handle the weight & pressures of marriage?

Are you getting married because of the things you hope to gain from the other person?

Can you always be faithful?

Can you handle the issues and the insults from family members and even your partner?

Are you a forgiving partner?

Can you tolerate the person?

Would you place the person you are with above every other human being? (Two shall become one)

Are you desperate? (All my friends are getting married is the most foolish reason to get married)

As a man, can you put your wife ahead of your ego? (Your wife is your priority and EVERYTHING else including you, comes last. You are the teacher, the guide, the bodyguard, the role model you are not a deity or God, if you need respect, earn it by being responsible!)

Can you fight and communicate with the person about something that could bring peace or bring progress to the two of you? (Correcting and Communication)

Can you be submissive? (You hate being corrected)

Marriage is not a business arrangement. Don’t choose an accountant because you are a businessman so that she can help take care of your finance. Don’t choose a nurse because you are a doctor! Don’t choose a caterer because you are an event planner! Don’t choose a teacher because you have a school you want her to manage. Don’t marry a singer because you are a pastor. A true husband/wife will naturally complement the career of his/her spouse irrespective of what he/she does. Don’t push people away because they are not doing the kind of job you want.

When you make business the anchor of your marriage the things that trouble businesses/Finances will begin to harass your marriage.

Do not say because you are short in stature then you must choose a tall husband to “balance things” it is not your stature or career that your mate complements but your NATURE!

Every marriage contracted on business terms is on CREDIT!!!

Let God lead you to the person that is suitable to your destiny and you will have a blissful marriage.

4 thoughts on “Marriage Advice For Married Couples

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  1. Very true… Divorce is fast becoming a norm. bringing disrepute to the marriage institution.

    In my opinion, too many ill-prepared people emotionally, mentally, financially or spiritually are walking down the altar. Blinded by the glam of wedding.

  2. marriage is a beautiful union, meant to give mankind love and peace, but the devil is on rampage to thwart this beautiful plan of God.

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