Are All Men Alike?


The woman who invented the phrase “ALL MEN ARE THE SAME” was a Chinese lady who lost her husband in a crowd in china. We believe that all Chinese people look alike and supposedly, so do they sometimes.

The idea however to many women is that all men are the same; they lie, cheat and say nasty things. Women fall in love over and over either with the same kind of men or the same men who think the same way and conclude that all men are the same. It could be though that men do the same things to them because they do the same things to men, but the question remains that are men really the same? Do all men really treat women the same way?

In spite of the ways anyone has ever understood a male specie, it will be better that you begin to see the good in them because like it or not,

Not all men enjoy or pride themselves in cheating

Not all men cheat

Not all men will pray with/for you

Not all men go through the same things (they also respond to issues differently)

Not all men love football

Not all men would give you a Birthday/Christmas/Valentine gift or even a gift

Not all men wear the same things, because everything doesn’t fit everyone

Not all men will touch your private parts in public even if you allow him to

Not all men will give you an advice on your rude, nagging character

Not all men are scared of commitment or the adventure of keeping you

Not all men cuddle

Not all men take their women on dinner dates

Not all men bother about what you wear for others to see

Not all men are secretive about their feelings or intentions

Not all men are romantic in the same ways

Not all men care about your future

Not all men live extravagant lifestyles

Not all men flirt; noticing every lady in the room

Not all men will pay for your bills

Not all men would appreciate you

Not all men admit they are wrong

The list goes on if you really consider it. Men are not all the same and sometimes you really have to be the bigger person to see and appreciate it.



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