Is There A Perfect Woman?


The perfect woman does exist. She exists on the face of the earth, as a friend, a girlfriend, a companion and a wife. She is not the rude woman who sees the wrong in everyone, she is not an unfriendly friend who lends no helping hand, she is not as wealthy as you think wealth to be, but having her means being a wealthy man. She is always a busy woman, a business oriented person with lots of skills. She is not the most beautiful woman you would meet but she is the most respected. She is the woman every man wants to date but the woman that stays faithful. She is often the contented woman, who loves her independence. She is the peaceful being. She is a loving person with lots of care for those she loves. She never appears to be perfect as she says, she is still a learner, admitting her wrong. She is not without an issue but she is one who comes out better. She is humble and she is a nag; she complains about the things she dislikes and communicates the best way she can when she feels sad and loves till she can love no more. She is a sacrificial woman with lots of respect for people, she apologizes for her wrong and weeps. She is what you make of her, the love you show to her and the praises you give to her as your woman.


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