Poetry Adaptation: The Great Gatsby



He was born without a penny on him
He took a journey to change his life
He met a woman and fell in love
Having no penny he became ashamed
Bothered he had no dime
He went to war to be called a man
Waiting for the love she knew all her life
He sent a note for her to wait
Wait for five years he said
Told to marry another, another more richer and graceful than him
She cried and cried for the love she lost
Meeting a sailor, he helped save his life
Given a fortune for the life he saved
He became a man wealthy as can be
Returning to find his love betrothed to a man as wealthy as he
Torn by his misfortune, he held a party to see her face
Again and again she met with him
Pleading and pleading for her to stay
Her waist alone was to her betrothal
With much money to fill a room, he lost his love.
Died unfairly, died alone.


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