The Power Of Consistency

ImageWhen you gain so much weight and you have to loose it, you begin a diet plan. You join the gym or reduce sugar intake just so you become as you use to be or go lower than that. However when you relent, the fat you loose grow back on you twice as much.

When a lady chooses to purchase the Brazilian weave, she continues with such because she knows that at any given time using a synthetic weave would tell you other wise.

When we seek for a miracle from God, we pray and fast attending every church service, reading the bible, memorizing the scriptures. Praying everyday does something.

Ever wonder why some people get results and you don’t? Look no further- its the power of consistency. You can’t begin a thing and stop half way expecting a result- except of cos you feel you have achieved a thing.

A man who keeps showering his wife with gifts, gets more praise and a woman who cares for her husband gets more love.

You have to begin a thing to finish it; the beginning could be hard or easy, it could be sweet or bitter but the end is always a sense of achievement.

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