Two Types Of Cheating Men


Saw this on facebook and had to share…

Men who Cheat and Men who are Cheaters

A man who cheats is a Man who makes a MISTAKE and regrets it…the man who is remorseful and apologizes, not because he got caught, but because he is really sorry that he HURT you.

A man who is a CHEATER, has a character flaw. This is the man who cheats with no remorse, unless or until he is caught. The man who cheats over and over with a sense of entitlement. Cheaters say things like “I am a Man” its in our nature. Cheaters have no remorse and JUSTIFY the action instead of apologizing. They JUSTIFY, they have a WHY and the WHY usually has something to do with YOU. Cheaters are insatiable. You can recognize them by the way that they interact with women. Everybody is fair game. They want the attention and the validation and are usually HUGE flirts.

Ladies, you can forgive the man that cheats, but if you have a CHEATER on your hands….be prepared for a painful journey. These men do NOT know true intimacy. Their life is a lie and they spend their time in relationships in deceit. You can never be intimate where there is dishonesty. Recognize a cheater, he wont stop….and you will never truly have his heart.

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