What Do You Call Them?

ImageMy friend says “Call your woman what you want her to be”. With the nicknames going around though, one would wonder if we really want the people we love to be what we call them and the people we call friends to be ours.

I’ve observed that the start of a relationship, marriage, friendship is always beautiful- people call each other baby, sweetie and a host of other names, however I’ve also observed that when war arises, some parties remember all the wrong the other party has done.

Loving someone has never been easy, let alone loving two people. Its not easy loving yourself, loving someone else and loving all three together, little wonder C.S Lewis said “To love at all is to be vulnerable”.  I have not written in a while now and I wonder why this would be the first thing I would write about- I mean love.

Contrary to opinion though; love is not blind. It and the person in love know what they want. People know it when they are happy or not happy, people know it when they are angry too and people forget to call people what they called them through the eyes of love.

I have observed vividly that loving someone means looking past their faults, whether it is on their physical body or in their character- we just love people and we have no reasons to stop loving them, except of cause, the reasons we choose. So the question is this, what do you refer the person you love to? What do you call them that they eventually become? What do you say to them that though they never say anything about it, could make your love seem unreliable?

I live in a generation where everyone is a love, a sweetheart, a sugar but I still think that those we love, deserve a special name or don’t they? The Laws of Attraction is also evident in relationship…


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