Things About God That Will Help You Live…

ImageYou will always be accepted by him; it doesn’t matter if you are a failure, disabled or condemned. We are all the same in his eyes. Act 10: 34- 35

You can speak to him in any language; Joel Osteen says if you speak country, God talks country. Psalm 34; 15

The peace he would give to you, is one no mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend can give you. And believe me, that peace helps you live with others. Psalm 27:10

He can NEVER hate you. He is love himself, if you believe a man/woman you see can love you then believe God loves you more. Romans 8:38

You can never support his work/kingdom or even tell people about him and need anything. Sure you would want something but when the need arises, he brings people to sort you out. Matthew 25

There is NOTHING too hard for him. Jeremiah 32:27

He answers prayers. It may take longer for him to answer you, since you are calculating your days on human race and to him a thousand years is a day but when you are suppose to get the answer, he would answer you. John 15:16

He never chases after anyone. He would not beg you to serve him or put issues in your life for you to come to him; you only realize that all other things don’t matter except him, so yes you eventually look for him and yes when you look, you will find. 2 timothy 2:26

Whatever involves his name in all sincerity, he cannot throw aside– he hates people asking where is your God? He really takes his name serious- there is power in that name. Isaiah 48:11

You never pay your tithe and offering to a church, you pay it to him– no church will bless you for a tithe, but he says he will, he guarantees you that it is a test he always passes. Malachi 3:8

He never said you won’t have issues and face strongholds, he said he will be with you. So yes, he is with you. Isaiah 43:2

He did not say praise me when you have won and things are good, he said praise me IN all things. In the prison; paul and silas, as a barren woman; hannah. As a single woman looking for husband; Ruth and Esther. 1 Thessalonians 5:8

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