The Spirit Of Football

ImageA group of men can gather for anything and an argument would break out. It may be peaceful sometimes but just as when in the house, they want to be in control, they also feel the need to be ahead within themselves when they are together except of cause, when they gather for this.

From a keen observation, which I can’t say I totally enjoyed; one thing keeps men together. Am not talking about food here, so don’t conclude yet. It keeps them alive, gives them union regardless of skin color or race-  this thing happens around the world and though little observation of what power it holds on them have been discussed, the spirit of football lives in every man. Oh and the commentators; how do those men think about what they say before they say it anyway; they are a funny lot I tell you.

I know some women love football but none beats the men who scream and wail when the game is on. We all know how they act and pay less attention to us when they play games on PS4 and PS3- so imagine a stadium or a house when the premier league is on.

What ever spirit that game has on them, I as a woman would never understand, especially since I do not necessarily see reasons to love football like my life, as they do. It is an interesting game no doubt but their love for it is what amazes me. By the way, it is called football by the Europeans and Soccer to Americans but it still does the same thing to all men.

Am one those women who do not see a reasons to buy a club shirt, a club blanket, shoe, key ring, muffler, cap, cup and so on but sure I see reasons to a new bag, a new shoe and a creative hair style and am sure there are many women like me who prefer shopping and others to watching football but I must confess, I surrender and bow down to the spirit of football that brings together a group of people who no matter their color, distance and race, scream and shout at the same goals all at once- what we women can’t make them do- if you get me.

I don’t even know what else to write about them and football, except of cause- football has a power over them that even we women sometimes don’t have.

Thanks to football though, we know where they are when they are at it. Permit me if I have written so little about this topic.


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