Why Love Matters To Us Human



Everyday we hear people talk about love, we hear them talk about the joy it brings, the sadness of not having it and even the crazy part each and everyone encounter.

We hear people talk about love in relationships and many a time, we think that is the best place to find it, when in fact love is in everything. Its everything that ever matter and like the bible says, it is the greatest of all. 1 Corinthians 13:13

In loving our family members, we love those who will accept us no matter what, we love those who scold and embarrass us all in the name of teaching us a lesson; sadly sometimes some families forget that providing for us in clothing and money isn’t love. Most parents believe that in loving a child, the provision of clothes and money is more important; not a bad thing of cause but most times what a child needs is not just some material provision, they also need to know that mummy and daddy sees them as the best. All of which in turn builds the independent mind every child needs in and outside the home.

As friends, we find out that male counterparts laugh at anything; easily forgiving each other except of cause, when rivalry happens or some sort of jealousy which results from the pride one has over the other bossing the other, which sadly happens among female counterparts too but not for the same reasons. Female counterparts are easily emotional beings, they get carried away with words either from male counterparts or female counterparts who either complement or lavish them with whatever it is they want.

The feminine gender loves to be appreciated, she loves admiration, she loves optimistic words; you cannot remain a friend to a female gender, if you do not complement her character or her looks. The masculine gender loves to be pampered- he was pampered by his mother and he wants the same. However you love these two genders, doing it their way and loving them not matter their possession, is what matters.

In relationships, love is vital. No two relationships are the same and no one of them should be judged as so. No partner in a relationship, should be seen as a former and no one should be seen through the eyes of assumption.

Loving ourselves is also most important. The love we have for ourselves is what we give and see in others. Accepting our faults and working on them, helps us understand others when they hurt or love us. A child who is never loved, sees everyone else with a suspicious eye engaging in battles with people they meet, losing some love before one who loves them unconditionally by divine intervention come in to remain.

Love indeed is in every thing and it is needed for every circumstance. It is needed in the family, to help keep violence off the streets, it is needed for friends who must be true to each other, it is needed in relationships where more than love is what keeps people together, it is needed in our lives to understand that the way we treat others is similarly how we want to be treated, it is needed for those who we do not know, because you must learn to pray for them and care for them when they are in need, like they were your best friends.

Learn to love with all your heart and accept the faults of others in your life. Remember, anyone can love a rose but it takes a great heart to include the thorns.


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