Single?, Learn From This


Many people admire Joyce Meyer; she is a wife, a mother, a preacher, a charity worker and a motivational speaker. I have listened to a lot of her messages and I must say I have been blessed by them but then I wonder, how does a woman who was raped by her father, verbally abused, left alone to fend for herself by her first husband preach about forgiveness, self esteem and temperament?

She’s a preacher that doesn’t say- “I just gave my life to Christ and wala things happened” she preaches with a voice that says I’ve been there and done that, I’ve been bad and I came through. She gave her life to Christ at a tender age but she kept struggling with acceptance, so like many her battle and stand as a christian was not over.

She read the bible like normal Christians, went for fellowships, she went to church but still Joyce didn’t understand love. Well not until she met him and no God did not come down from heaven to show Joyce how to balance her temperament; by the way she was choleric- Easily angered; bad-tempered, ambitious and leader-like.

Having a choleric temper may not be bad especially since you’re always self confident but you see the problem with them is that they have no listening ear,they like to be in control, they find it hard to forgive and want to always be in control and be right but everyone knows being controlling and too confident can affect some part of your life. Ladies, even when a man likes a self confident woman, being controlling can sometimes mean bad about you. Well that’s not the topic now

Joyce was always defensive; she played hard to get, defensive, she pushed people away until she met Dave- I truly respect that man by the way. He too needed a woman in his life, he was a growing christian and a man that took life easily- unlike Joyce that is and he said he prayed to God to give him a woman who needed help- now everyone knows that means looking for trouble but as God would have it, Joyce was the first woman he met after his prayer.

She said for the first eight years, the marriage was ruled by her mood swings, of cause she was a christian but when she was sad, she gave him a sad answer and when she was happy, she gave him a happy answer- now that should make you respect him because if we could visualize that, we would know it wouldn’t have been the easiest years, especially since it was the first eight years of their marriage but yes, he stayed and never cheated or threw a fist at her. We all know he lets her shine as the pastor and him as the administrator.

In life it really does take a strong man to love a broken woman and yes, it involves love and sacrifice, because being with someone is more than love itself. Their marriage isn’t perfect but whatever happened, strengthened her to become what she is today. Your partner can’t tick all the box and you can’t change them either.

The way and manner in which you love the people you love, says a lot about who you are. Forgiveness, love, peace, prayer help foster what we become in life.

It is surprising though how God sends someone that would love you no matter what- he didn’t try to change her, he didn’t look outside for a quickie- sure he prayed for better days and he got it. Kindly visit this link to watch their interview

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