Why You Must Stay Thankful

ImageThings often never go our way and most times when it doesn’t, we take the easiest way out; we sort ourselves out looking into what will work for us as soon as possible, which of cause serves us good either for a while or a life time.

No one stays thankful during a hard time. No one looks at the end of the tunnel when they begin. We least remember the idea that gold goes through fire before it becomes a stone to cherish.

The creator never promised a smooth road; he never said you would be loved by everyone you accustom. He never said poverty or famine or war will never exist. He actually said ‘I will be with you’ Deuteronomy 31: 8.

When you are thankful, a lot of things happen. The bible never said be thankful for all things but be thankful in all things; poor, rich, broke, sad, happy, waiting for something. 1 Thessalonian 5:18

Being thankful opens the door for things because what you appreciates, appreciates. Imagine you saying thank you to someone and the person never responds, imagine you saying thank you and no one smiles back. Imagine you offering someone a gift and the person never saying thanks.

Its easy to thank God and people when they bless you, it is easy to tell people you love them when they tell you they love you, its even easy to thank God when it all goes well but saying thanks even when you don’t understand a thing/ issue- now that’s an attitude that’s dumb founding even to God. Take Joseph in the bible as an example.

Whatever you’ve experienced through out the year. Stay thankful for what you still have, keeping that attitude till 2014. God bless us all.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

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