ImageA beautiful Ankara/dutch wax could be made into any style- thanks to our fashion designers but what would the African attire look like with a beautiful ornament?

Tara Durotoye and Banke Mashida are the leading women to call up on your wedding day for a good facial makeover. They make Nigerian traditional weddings a dream most ladies want before a white wedding.

ImageThe traditional wedding- to an African is a major wedding  ceremony.  It depicts her traditional rights as a woman and it is embedded with crafts known from the city she is from.

Blessing Victor- Eshun is a jewelry maker, she designs bee beads and accessories for weddings and casual office days- “your taste she says is what she’s after”. 

She specializes in handmade beaded jewelry made from beautiful sophisticated gemstones such as pearls and corals with quality brooch ranging from gold, silver and other beautiful colors just as her client demands.Image
















She is a good hair stylist too- considering its your wedding day that is and no she did not pay me to say all these. You can contact her onImage

Contact. : 08023687400, 08171841153
Email: baigbodion@yahoo.com

Its my year to promote people.


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