Should We Change Our Sex(es) On Issues That Matter?

ImageThe answer to the above question, is Yes! In the most recent months Beyonce Knowles, bloggers, reviewers have spoken, written and sang referring to CNA (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)’s presentation “We Should All Be Feminists” ( on Ted Ex Euston about gender, feminism and masculinity traits which undoubtedly is making waves, creating insightful stories into the treatment and acceptance of feminism.

Following her new album release on the 12th of December, Beyonce Knowles who was also moved by the presentation, has penned her opinion on gender, using “The Shriver’s Report” which we see here ( concurring with CNA that issues which relate to gender can never be viewed as a feminist problem.


Revisiting the video on youtube ( and reviewing what in many ways CNA was getting across, I found out that CNA never grew up with the idea that a man was better than a woman, she never saw a reason why what was achievable by a man, wasn’t achievable by a woman. Did this lead to her success? May be it did because she said she had a friend “Okoloma” (God rest his soul, he died in a plane crash) who called her a feminist when she never even knew what the word meant. She had a journalist who told her “feminists are unhappy women who had no husbands”, she had a tutor who told her feminism was a western culture and never an African way of life. However, despite the words, she knew that she wanted to wear lip-gloss, high heels and look good for herself and not for men.

CNA says she makes a mistake believing that what is obvious to her is often obvious to someone else- which in many cases, we can see are often true. Often times, we assume that what we can do, is also what others do, we assume that how we see others or situations even in government and society, is how others see it. She says thousands of years ago, men ruled the world but it can and should be different today because we live in a vastly different society where we do not have to be physically strong to attain a position but also have to be creative, innovative and mentally able to carry out duties at home, work, school and life. She says though many men see themselves as physically strong, being able to function has nothing to do with your hormone.

CNA had read what the Kenyan Nobel laureate Wangari Maarthai had said “The higher you go, the fewer women you see”…and was saddened by it, she advised that basic and formal groundwork from the home should be given to children who must

  • Be raised differently; the boys must understand that they too can clean and cook, girls too must understand that they too can be ambitious.
  • We must not raise our girls to always cater to the fragile ego of men.
  • We must raise our sons not to link masculinity with money; because money can be attainable even by a woman and in much wealth.

She concludes by saying, what if in raising our children, we focus on ability rather than gender? She says indeed a woman and a man’s experience differ but says that the bottom power (a term used by many to refer to as sexual power) is not power at all if culture is changing and that if we accept that culture can change, we could as well accept that we can change the way we accept culture. She concludes by defining what feminism should be “A man or a woman who says yes there is a problem with gender and we must fix it”.

In conclusion, there is a problem with the way the society scrutinizes and accept women as being front partners, there is a problem with the way we raise our children, who in turn become the society who overlook or undermine those who become what it is the society want them to become. A change can happen and that change can start at home, the government and the people who in one time or the other have undermined others.

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