Believe In Yourself


I was reading the comments people had left on my blog and someone had said “you use to write inspirational blogs that made me visit often, what’s wrong?”

I didn’t have an answer to reply. I had just said thanks for your comment. I had learned that someone was watching even though I didn’t know. I normally would only write when someone gave me a story or I felt like but little did I know that someone, somewhere saw my blog as more than just a blog.

I always believe that anyone could get the news from anywhere, so why blog about it? I started my blog cos I wanted to encourage people- who was I inspiring? I didn’t know. To me and many, life is lived by inspiration and that is what I want to achieve. I want my life to inspire someone else and after reading that comment- I do believe in myself more than before.

Its crazy living in a world where you’re criticized for everything you do. We live our lives not caring what others say, not because we don’t care but because we realize criticism is part of it.

Life is never meant to be lived without an inspiration- its what parents and teachers are for. We must first believe in ourselves before does.

Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors

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