Who Are True Friends?


So what are the qualities of a true friend?

True friends are good companions, they are people you enjoy doing things with, they are people you just enjoy sharing things with. In true friendships the activity is incidental . . . it doesn’t matter much what you are doing together as long as you are together.

True friends are people you want to be with and people you want to be there for you, they are also people you have to be with when you’re having a hard time.

True friends don’t just find the time to be with you on happy occasions, but they also make the time to be with you in times of trauma.

True friends know a lot about you; but they also really know you.

True friends have seen you at your best, and also at your worst.

True friends don’t just put up with your annoying habits, dumb comments, bad jokes, and broken commitments; they also tolerate your periodic neglect, angry outbursts, and unkind remarks.

True friends will always forgive you because they value the friendship far more than whatever it is you did to make them angry.

True friends don’t just stand up for you, but they also stand up to you.

True friends are on your side and, when you need them, they are at your side.

True friends treat you like a fine painting, always placing you in the best light.

True friends are proud, not jealous, of your achievements; they build you up, and don’t tear you down.

True friends cry with you when you are grieving, and celebrate with you when you experience joy.

True friends want the best for you, bring the best out of you and expect the best from you.

Written by Michael Josephson


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