1. They were born with a silver spoon and you weren’t, too bad you forget a silver spoon can also rust.
  2. It is not good you tell people about your relationship or its issues but it is bad when you deny you are not in a relationship, when you are- you can as well be a flirt or a cheat and that reveals your character.
  3. Oh men treated you bad and you want to cheat on them too, good for you…you feel you are not a fool acting like the fools you know.
  4. It is not good you speak bad of your ex, you are also someone’s ex’s- don’t speak bad to them, even though they suddenly say they wish they never lost you, don’t grow out egos and say “your loss” or speak rudely be mature enough to just say thanks.
  5. We can’t always tell when we are in a relationship if we would end up with that person- as not everyone gets a dream or a ministration as to who their ideal partner is but we can’t mislead those we are in a relationship with…a broken heart cries louder than a child.
  6. You can’t go out saying you are a man and you can get married at any age and keep breaking hearts or sleeping around- you don’t become a man by your third leg but by the way you treat ladies.
  7. Sending a lady away because you feel financially broke makes you worse than a coward- do you not know that even the rich get broke? Does a rich man send his wife away because he suddenly hits a Waterloo?
  8. Why is having sex with one woman so hard? People like you should never call a woman a whore.
  9. Your mates are doing better than you, is it bad they are doing better? Why not do your best for yourself?
  10. You find it hard to forgive people, why? Did they not apologize? Does looking at them and thinking of the wrong they did to you make your skin glow? Does it make you a saint? Sure you went far away from them but how about you offending God and him staying far away from you?
  11. You attend parties and at every party you collect a new number and make a new friend… Not bad really, but do you really need so much friends or are you scared of being alone?
  12. Men are scarce and you want another lady’s man, I hope you can pray for him more than she does or handle the issues they handled together.
  13. Its so easy cursing isn’t it? I guess you get a coin every time you do it and it increases your life span- wonder how many of you who call your friends fools, can really walk/dine with a fool.
  14. Its hard for you to help the needy and give to the church isn’t it? Well you are in church because people gave before you and you are not in need because someone is giving to you.
  15. Oh you think love doesn’t exist, what do you think is love? It isn’t sex or a three letter word, its a sacrifice- are you sure no one sacrificed for you? Did you make a sacrifice for someone?
  16. Blah blah blah,  all men are the same, do they all look alike? Did you do the same thing to all of them expecting them to treat you differently?
  17. Wow! Your biological clock is ticking, sorry but are you marrying for comfort or for love? Do you just want to be called Mrs? Or you don’t want people to ask you how come you bare the same name, you want a change of name right, try the registry.
  18. We know your husband/boyfriend is fine and treats you well, don’t tell us his stories, like you never have a quarrel.
  • You know the rest by now…

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