Birthdays Are Thinking Days…

ImageWe become a year older every year, we mature in age indulging in celebrations the best ways we can; sometimes we are celebrated by friends, sometimes we are celebrated by loved ones, (thanks to social network sites, many people remember their friend’s birthday).

We age and become wiser(well not everyone), as many repeat the same mistakes over and over. We grow taller, sensitive and most importantly, older. We become more responsible for ourselves and remind our parents how independent we are (especially our mothers who think we can never out grow their laps).

Everyone enjoys a birthday cake, everyone enjoys a day with friends and it would really be silly if we have a moody look on a day when we have friends and family members making us feel special, but what if aside from praising the universal maker and making a wish, we make a list of things we want to achieve in the following year? What if we asked our selves how the other year was in our lives? What friends we needed to outgrow and what clothes we never wore that someone else will have and cherish?

Birthdays aren’t just for celebrations anyway; not everyone lives to the age we at. Ain’t nothing wrong with being glad that you got a year older but as much as the cake is sweet and the gifts are given, its wiser to know we aren’t getting any younger and though we seem young and able to climb trees, years will come when we would no longer stand firm or have the same set of teeth(s) we have.

When you start making a difference in your living, you start making a difference in the world.


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