1. We hate men that complain and make excuses…stand up and be a man.
  2. You can’t be vain in your life style and your dress code and be mature…sagging jeans don’t pay the bills.
  3. Don’t expect us to always pray for you, pray for you and for us.
  4. Telling us you were once stupid means you are ready to do it right. Drop that ego.
  5. Dinner dates are not just for birthdays, anniversaries and special days, so is the word “Thank you”.
  6. Don’t always think we are insecure, we know when other ladies like you…if being jealous is wrong, then you don’t want to be loved.
  7. Our silence really means a lot, so does our nagging but calming us down, does not include screaming at us.
  8. We can’t always reveal to you who of your friend we dislike…you must consider them carefully, just as we do ours.
  9. We also get tired of being jealous.
  10. Most times we don’t imagine things, we know things.
  11. Tapping our ass already means that’s how much you respect us…we are not a property, we are your investment.
  12. When you love something, you don’t want it out of your sight….reason why we think asking for space could mean a break (What you stop seeing, you stop to desire, GET IT?).
  13. No lady is ugly…its how you treat her that enhances her beauty.
  14. We can be confident to you but sometimes its arrogance born from earlier rejection.
  15. Stop thinking you aren’t good enough for us and become the best we would lose if we lose you.
  16. If we aren’t changing for the better, you are also to blame.
  17. Feedback is good…don’t be shy to tell us how you feel about us from time to time.
  18. Calling us dear and calling every female friends dear…can mean you see us as the same, try giving us a name and mean it.
  19. Loving us is not an experience you walk away from when you think we are crazy, loving us is a life you keep living.
  20. You can never graduate from our school, you can only do better, stop assuming you are the best man for us.
  21. We can pretend more than you can.
  22. Little things count.
  23. We still don’t understand why you cheat and call us whores when we do…we women all have flaws and pluses, appreciate the plus or never get satisfied with any woman.
  24. You will always have a woman but which kind?
  25. If we spend the night in a male friend’s house and you call us a whore; who are you, when you spend the night in your female friend’s house?
  26. Just be you.


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