A Partner That Prays


When we get involved in relationships, we enjoy the first tides of getting to know each other, finding out likes and dislikes, we seek to please and never to annoy, we seek to resolve issues amicably and finding time to spend in the company of each other with the second we have, seeking to please even in financial states we never possess (sadly this already means a downfall).

Many, who share similar religious beliefs, understand the idea of prayer; they understand the concept of their religion and understand the instructions given to them for successful relationships. Many however do not share beliefs, they do not understand the idea of rules and practice and many a time, they appear right by practice until an issue arises from not following the steps issued to them by those of higher authorities. (This however does not always apply as humans realize that we live not to follow others but the universal maker himself who has a plan for everything and everyone).

Many angry lovers or even lonely ones make absurd statements which when turned to them, come as offensive statements which they themselves find hard to swallow. Many occupy their minds with the idea that their partners or “divine partners” is being taken by another person. They claim that such person is a thief or a lender and they in fact are the real partners….sadly these are statements made by known individuals of the supposed “divine partner” who claim to wish them, well but in fact, wish that whoever they claim to love in present, find it hard to love them or even wish for them to go lesser than they are in order for they two to finally be (shallow and awful mindsets).


Ladies are often the praying mantises who begin prayers for partners; they often pray in respect of emotional want, financial burdens and biological need (am getting too old to have a child). The belief generally is that mountains move when women pray and in no doubt it does but nothing ever stopped a man from praying, nothing ever stopped a man from praying with or for his partner, for he as well can make a mistake when choosing one or living a lie he calls a life.

Praying for a partner is always a joy but praying for someone must never come as a selfish instinct. Praying for their joy and purpose is always a great start, praying for them to make a good decision always goes a long way. Praying that you become a blessing to them also makes you a better person. No need praying for them to see no one but you- you don’t exist alone in the world. It takes self control, which is born from the fear of God, for a man or a woman not to cheat or become vain.

Pray selfless prayers for one other and pray together, pray through and for issues, pray to amend characters (no one is perfect), pray for wisdom that helps you inside and outside the relationship, pray for your friends (show me your friend and I would tell you who you are) and pray for individual happiness.

Having a partner that prays for you and with you, is one of the best gift you can have. Its like a mother’s prayer, that never comes to an end, that brings unexpected favor from a distance. Prayer has a power no government, law or even economy can control. Couples have been known to pull through the hardest issues using prayers. It helps anyone, regardless of their ancient life styles.

Prayer does not just change things, it changes you.

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