The Rap Version of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart


Neil Genzlinger from The New York Times writes that Thug Notes, and Sparky Sweets, are the creations of comedian Greg Edwards, who explains that the videos are his “way of trivializing academia’s attempt at making literature exclusionary by showing that even highbrow academic concepts can be communicated in a clear and open fashion.”

Sweets summarises works of literature in short videos, usually under five minutes long, and then shares his analysis. On Things Fall Apart he says: “Ain’t no doubt that those crooked-ass imperialists took a big old dump on Africa, but like we can see with Okonkwo icing his boy and disrespecting the gods, maybe things started falling apart before they got there.”

Watch the video and read more about Thug Notes in Genzlinger’s article below:



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