Everyone Is Innately Selfish.


Man is presumably selfish; not because he wants everything but because all that he is, is but himself. He could go on and on and say to friends and family members, “I never knew I was selfish” or “I never knew that was selfish of me” but just like the heart, he thinks for himself and within himself, so significantly, there is no certain proof except of cause his actions which comes out to show his selfish attributes.

We are in this world and regardless of what country we live in or what goes on in that country, we are prone to think of only ourselves first, we are prone to think what can we eat first even though we think we consider others sometimes, we are prone to think what can we wear even before we consider the attires of others which we may or may not think to be something of a nice appeal.

selfishWe see this in relationships, where many think they owe nothing to anyone, subconsciously forgetting that being in a relationship means I now have someone involved in my life who everything I do, be it good or bad affects that person. This we also see among social friends who often feel they know best for the other, when in fact, the idea is to say “I was right and I am the friend for you and I will be there for you no matter what”, subconsciously making you agree that the friend or best friend is the very one they always need.

The idea of being selfish is that it is what makes us happy that is right; so being rude to us or being unfriendly or not lending a hand or whatever it is we find offensive or heart breaking that is against us and thereby you, a friend, a family member, a colleague at school, a recent acquaintance suddenly is the most selfish person we have ever met.

The ideas therefore of being a selfish person; most times have nothing to do with what we do or don’t do for others, because in reality thinking only of one’s self is not entirely a selfish means, it is an innate feeling that confirms the bible “The heart of man is desperately wicked”. Jeremiah 17:9

Doing things you know will hurt others makes everyone on the face of this earth selfish, whether you know it will hurt them or not. Mankind; that is a real flesh and blood individual, can’t always be happy to see others sad, reason why leaders who pull more than power and wealth to themselves get names likened to that of an animal.

We are and can in human flesh and blood, with the bones and chemicals in our body become self-less; not by admitting we are but by admitting that things around us and people around us act and get better when we let ourselves understand the predicament of others when we do things that make only ourselves happier.

Thinking of oneself and what makes one happier, has caused more havoc than it has brought happiness.



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