This Is The Sum Of Life- (Excerpt from “This is our time” movie)


This is how the real world goes; first you spend your life dreaming of how great things are going to be, then that one day finally comes; it’s thrilling, it’s scary, its everything and nothing like you thought it would be and you thank God for the amazing new things he’s doing, a new adventure and the way he put all the pieces in place and you pray that you would be able to handle it like you thought you could.

But if grief comes, or it doesn’t go according to plan; first you pretend nothing ever happened or you pretend you can go on as if grief didn’t happen. May be you get angry at the world, its cruelty, and people. Then you just get sad- smiles fade and nothing looks the same, things you believe in are questioned and then when you accept God, you question what God wants you to do next.

The above statement is self explanatory. It’s from the movie “This is our time” it’s a religious movie about a brother and a sister and three friends, all graduating on the same day…like life, four went on becoming all they ever dreamed about, the last one was left to work in his father’s kitchen, exhausted and confused that he is left behind, things begin to happen to the others which at the very end helped everyone to understand that no one was ever above anyone. (Sound familiar?)

The truth remains that what God wants or wanted you to do, or should I say whatever it is you worship wants you to do, is to accept that we can’t control things and that may be we ought to put him(God) first and let him control things.

This is our time trailer:

 Matthew 6:33:  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well


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