Mums “REALLY” Know Best.


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Its amazing how no one argues with dad when he raises his voice, but everyone yells at mum or feels mum is always the pain in the rear parent who we easily dismiss when we really get angry at both parents.  We tell mum when dad does us wrong and tell mum when she has done us wrong speaking to her as though she’s a mate of ours who will never spank us and though sometimes she doesn’t, her words are usually more painful than her spank.

Mums are everything; tailors, teachers, stylists, chefs, hairdressers, pharmacist, gossip friends, secret keeper (or so we think) and last but not least best friends. They are indeed the best (est) friend we can ever have, they tell us about puberty and what we might experience and then want to know what happens during the puberty stage, some of which most of us shy away from telling them, analyzing then that since it is happening to us, we are better off without them (mum) from that stage.


Mums are sometimes extreme, or at least they act that way. They take every word we say more serious than it sounds, our headache is theirs and our relationships are their relationships. Sometimes they become too nosy and that leads to more quarrels with them, than happy moments but they still remain our mums.


Most children are usually close to their mum and it’s not often because of the psychological idea that she bared them for nine months in her womb, it’s not even an issue of she would smack me, because many know mums stop people from smacking us. Mums are not just extremist or nosy, they are caring and that is all you need to know, to believe that mum knows best.


Every step they take even when we are in the womb is taken from care, they take sitting positions and eat healthy to make us healthy at birth. They concern themselves with our lives and our relationships because they also learn from it, they act like they know who is best for us from the very day but really they all just want to know what friend/lover will stay and treat us as good as she does. They learn from our friendships and relationships and think in a manner of “They must not hurt my child” and so every scream, acceptance, movement to our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends are usually born from care which naturally comes with the package of being a mum.


It’s like caring for someone and never want to see the person hurt; they know best because they never stop being mums; they never stop sacrificing, they never stop poking to care, they never stop loving and in every scream and force they use, they know it when its best for you.

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