easterIt is very difficult to understand that we don’t celebrate Easter the way we celebrate Christmas or birthdays or even sometimes weddings. We share Easter eggs and say happy Easter holidays like the reason Easter existed was for another public holiday where people stay at home, go to church on Sunday and get back to work after the holidays.

Christianity exists today because of what Easter was all about- Jesus died and rose again and before he died, he said “it is finished” John 19: 28-30. No more sacrifices, no more stoning to death, no more conditional love or anything at all that could mean does God love a sinner like me? His death said it all, he loves you and he was ready to die for you as the ultimate sacrifice for any sin you committed- meaning you don’t have to sacrifice a dove or a lamb to be forgiven. You can walk freely and not be stoned or cast away on exile for committing a sin, Easter means no one can judge you.


There isn’t a man born of woman that can love anyone like that- yes, we can still have issues but yes the blood of Jesus he shed is stronger, it saved, it’s saving and it can save. It helped those before you and it can help you regardless of your sin or situation. No person can die for your sin, they too will be judged for theirs.

Easter really is more than an egg; it is a great season, it’s a season of hope and remembrance that someone loved you before you were born and that person though unseen, made a way for you to tell the person who is busy judging you for your wrong that you can and will turn a new leaf and you won’t be judged because you did something someone should not by human standards.

Easter is what makes you walk around freely. It’s an evidence of the song “He loves you” by Don Moen  (



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