Real Friends Give Advice…

friendsA friend doesn’t see a friend heading down the wrong way and lets him/her down that way except the friend is heading that way or cares less of their friends. No two people can walk together except they agree (Amos 3:3).


We all have friends who we disagree with at one point or the other, sometimes it could be for the right reasons, sometimes it could be for the wrong ones- a friend however they be, never appear as a foe and quarreling with a friend should never come as an event that seem absurd for every friend we have, serve as a mirror into our lives- show me your friend and I would tell you who you are proverbs 13:30.


A cheat, never tells his friend to become a real man or a woman of virtue. They never come around having the words to say, they may sometimes have the intention after having a fall themselves but they often stick with the notion that putting a word of correction will bring an argument they themselves are guilty of. This is also seen in a group of friends who are thieves, who go around doing the same thing- anyone who speaks against the act becomes an enemy. friends


We never can forsake our friends- it isn’t even right virtue to do so, but a major percentage of our lives, is made up of friends we keep. It is sad that those who can correct us, become our enemies when they do but if when they become one, what correction were they trying to impact? Why do we make them our enemies?


You cannot tell someone how bad your friend is, you cannot tell someone your friend is a bad company they should not have especially if you keep them as friends. You cannot appear like you are better than your friend either.


A friend in need is a friend indeed. We always need one to survive regardless of their characters. However, the company we keep says a lot about the opportunities that would knock on our door. Someone who needs your help is likely to be more friendly towards you, same goes for you when you need a thing. 


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