Making Your Partner jealous Is Juvenile



Often times, relationships go sour and issues arise that make one question if one’s partner still has the hots for them; sadly this drives many to cheat but what if they always loved you the same way and life got them head over heels for something else or what if your assumption for the way they should always admire you, isn’t the way they do at that moment, do we go around seeking for someone else to remind our partners we can always find someone or that we are still attractive?


It doesn’t matter if your partner(s) don’t show that they are affected by your flirtatious character or if they never pick a quarrel when you do some things, making them jealous (on purpose or not) is wrong. Relationships are not for everyone; they are not for people who want to fulfill sexual urges and stand close to someone so when they are asked, do you have someone to love and who loves you? You put your hands up. They are not for people who are cold, who need warmth or people who always want people around them for the sake of it. Its like the saying, “f you like your company, someone else’s would love it” Relationships aren’t bad ventures but they are not for immature, jean sagging individuals who want someone to call a sweet name.


Making your partner jealous for whatever reason isn’t something you should harbor and think of. Yes, it has its fulfillment(s) – but why bother making the person you say you love wonder if you love them? Why make anyone who is in love with you wonder why they can’t trust you? If you say your partner is insecure, is it really nice putting them in those positions?


Before you got into a relationship, you were alone; you thought of yourself, you went out with usual friends- paying for get together(s) as individuals, you walked by yourself but when you got in to a relationship, another human being with emotion became part of your daily routine, suddenly you find yourself making decisions that will affect someone else’s emotions- going on a date includes you spending for two and yes independence is good but hurting one’s emotion with intent or not is juvenile.


Asking a partner about their love for you, may not always get your answer, especially from men who find it hard to share their feelings but getting that person to confirm their love for you, by involving a third party isn’t right- you really don’t have to go that far- don’t go doing what you may later regret.


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