Having A Ruth As A Wife



The women in the bible are all amazing characters; they are people like us who also had trials, victories and lessons for generations after them. They are teachers who when we closely examine their lives, can teach us a thing or two about the way we can live in our society today.

The character of Ruth in the bible reveals a woman, who was born under a curse as a Moabite (Deuteronomy 23). It reveals a person who had worshiped another God until she found God, a person who got married and became a widow at a young age, a childless woman who by the grace of God became a conqueror. Ruth married again giving birth to a son (Obed) who made her a woman in the ancestry of Jesus Christ, signifying the chances that anyone and everyone can become relevant.

Ruth as a woman possessed some attributes which you may see in many women today, she was a woman with diverse strengths, all of which includes

A woman of imperfection- she will be a woman referenced as a Moabite who will be lost without God (Deut 23:3)

She will be faithful- an attribute which Ruth possessed in both marriages.

She will be a follower- she will not let you go, she will not even your family members go, as they too will always be hers (Ruth 1: 14-17). An attribute which led Ruth to her second husband/fulfillment.

She will be a harvester- she knew when the seed was ready and she was ready to work (Ruth 2:2)

She will be attractive. (Ruth 2:5)

She will be a humble person who will be grateful (Ruth 2: 7 & 10) she won’t tread on other people’s work or life and will be polite.

She will be a good daughter in-law (Ruth 2:17)

She will not be a material girl (Ruth 3: 10).

And many more attributes which would make a man say he will do for her, whatever she wants. (Ruth 3:11).

Make no mistake, the women in the bible are no different from the women today and should never be, Ruth possessed these and many other attributes which many women should, she had the trials of bareness from her first husband and had the trial of having no one but who she had chosen to follow/be with. She is as every woman today- a woman with needs.




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