Are You A Convenience Lover?

Regardless of war, famine or hatred; love always exists. It rules mankind; from the birth of a child, to the day of a wedding; to even the day one begins to love someone other than themselves. This love could be sad or happy, it could be mad or awesome, it could come from anyone at... Continue Reading →

JUST CALL ME by Guy L. Lotgering

Please do not be frightened, there's nothing for you to fear. I am a simple emotion, as natural as the air. Do not close your windows. do not shut your doors. I penetrate all barriers. I penetrate the soul. I never ask for permission. I do whatever I like. I'm sorry for my rudeness, It... Continue Reading →

To a Man, But for Men and Women: Rethinking Proverbs 31:10-31 by Ryan O’Dowd

Over twenty years ago I memorized part of Proverbs 31 and recited it when I proposed to my (now) wife. Proverbs 31 communicated my love and appreciation for my wife’s faith and devotion to God, and not just her physical beauty and charm. A decade or so later, I returned to study this passage in... Continue Reading →

Black Family Pledge by Maya Angelou

Because we have forgotten our ancestors our children no longer give us honor. Because we have lost the path our ancestors cleared, kneeling in perilous undergrowth, our children cannot find their way. Because we have banished the God of our ancestors, our children can not pray. Because the long wails of our ancestors have faded... Continue Reading →

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