Love Is Stale!

Love is stale,
it resides not in the heart of men,
It’s not as beautiful as it looks
It’s unsure, unfair, untrue
It’s not as the old when men ‎worked seven years for the heart of a woman
Cherishing every step, loving every smell.
Love is not as the old ‎when people cherished one another
Hoping that things got better just for them
Love is stale, it’s as ugly as it’s betrayal
As brutal as war, when it’s counterpart share it’s features with another
It’s sometimes unsure from the giver
Sometimes withheld from the receiver
Love is a sting, a mystery
Not a walk in the park
A true feeling only the giver is sure of
A true act only the universal maker is sure of
Deceive not yourselves for only he who gives it,
He who knows why he gives it
And he who made the giver is sure of the love you receive.

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