Ambitious Men Seldom Cheat!

ambitious menOne would often think men have no fears or that they rarely have a thought as to when it is time to tie the knot; brace yourself because real men think. They know what they want and when the time is right to get what they want.

I was not ease dropping, neither was I gossiping with my male friends, I only got first hand information that startled me and got me thinking  and I want you to think with me.

It was a day, most recently on one of those football days, wonder why I was there, I dislike football…back to the gist, the men in question were all gathered for the football match when one of them said “all my friends are getting married, I think it’s time I do the same”, happy at what he said, I smiled, however the other men in the room got restless with questions. “Have you found her, do you have money to take care of her?” it wasn’t funny anymore for the lad who said its time I get married because other questions such as “Do you know the ladies who are beautiful need higher maintenance, or do you want an ugly lady?”.

Baffled at all their questions and topics, I acted like I was not in the room to listen more- their discussions continued and one asked, when is the right time to be married? I heard -it’s really not about getting married, it’s about making money and taking care of her because finding a beautiful lady, would include money needed to maintain her…A fellow replied. All other things had been said when one said; it’s really not about how beautiful she is, because we men also do wrong. Yes we want to make money before we meet the women we settle with, but the truth is after making the money, it’s really hard knowing the women that love you for you.

Smiling at that statement, I got convinced that men not only think, they also have ambitions; either religiously or career wise, when they know what they want, they don’t want women/people to waste their time. They have achievements and things that make them feel satisfied, so they don’t want a lady or person who would not contribute to what it is, they have.

I had a lot questions on my mind that day; like why do people date for years, when even in marriage, you only keep getting to know the person? Do men cheat because of their fears of losing the woman in their lives and having nothing to fall back to? Do men who think they have to make money before getting married, have low self esteem? All these and more I believe are questions for another day.

A man would cheat if he wants to cheat, however men who don’t know what they want from themselves, can never know what they want with/from you at the end of the day. Men who believe in something- fear that they must never lose such things. Men who work/worked hard for their money, don’t want women who are time wasters.
It’s like a woman who has a strong religious belief and one who is able to pay her bills, the best men who would entice her, would be those who go for what they want or have strong desires to think and reach outside the box.

Let’s beware of who we date, dating with no ambition may make you never worry but then, many people get heart broken or fall into ditches when they have no plan. Wanting to be a wife or the right man is not a desire one should be apologetic about. We were made to have companions, everything you do affects everything you do.

“Do not apologize for wanting to be a wife/husband and not a girlfriend/boyfriend. You encourage a man/woman to think about their motives and vision. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend mindset you will do just about anything without a ring. You will play house, wear whatever and will not challenge your partner to measure up and step up to the plate. Hold on to your standards.”
Dusty Crown



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