speaking against a man of GodIt is not rare anymore for pastors and clerics to ask a congregation for money to be used for church building, or even church repairs. It is also not rare for people to speak against such pastors disapproving of their request which to them always involve money.

We will all not be in church or any religious gathering, if people never laid the foundations there in, we would have no sit or venue, if something was never done before us.

Back in the bible, Obed Edom got lucky when the ark of the lord, rested in his house; it brought him blessings and favor (2 Sam 6: 11). It is and always will be a blessing when you abide in God’s house and he is yours.

The bible talks about characters who were human such as us, who spoke against decrees made by God and men whom he sent. It talks about different characters who we should take caution from when speaking against a cleric.

Those characters which could teach us a lesson or two include;

Children who spoke against Elijah for being bald- (2 kings 2:23)

Mical who spoke against David when he danced for the lord (2 Samuel 6:23); She remains the only barren woman in the bible who never conceived.

Sanballat and Tobiah (Nehemiah 4: 1-6)

Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses (Numbers 12)

Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, friends of Job (Job 42: 7-9)

All these and many more received the wrath of God for speaking against God and his anointed one…to be fair, in times such as these, it is HARD to distinguish the sheep from the wolf, especially if you are not spirit filled, thus it remains better when one is silent about one who gives instruction from the creator. If we all must speak against them, let us understand that getting clarity to follow a leader can also be revealed to us especially when it comes from the genuine source. Better still, read the instruction (bible).

Take Caution Today!


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