Bag It Like Beckham!

victoria-handbagA lady’s purse is like diamond jewelry; it has everything she needs in it and it fits into her wears no matter the color, texture or style. Her handbag is always her security to immediate emergencies and requirements.

How she carries her handbag tells a lot of her style and person; it creates her posture and her passion as a lady. When she picks up the bag, people often can tell how much her handbag is worth and what could be inside by the way she handles it in public. It might be a clutch, a purse, a tote, a shoulder handbag or even a messenger bag, a lady always isn’t complete if she has no bag.

Most lady bags occupy immediate needs like a comb, body spray, a lip gloss, make up purse, perfume, hair pin, a novel, cash, and sanitary towel and nail cutter; it might sound weird to have some of these things in there but all have a job to do during emergencies on a date, before a meeting, on the bus or even at the salon; it’s a ladies world and it fits into her schedule.

A recent research reveals that ladies with big bags hurt themselves because of its weight which defines the way they walk along with it and it has been linked to getting old. Most times ladies do not interchange from the hands they carried it from at the start of day and there are many more things than the above mentioned that ladies do carry. For some many things are most necessary than others and since a lady’s bag comes in different shapes and sizes, it is not all the time that the entire item she usually carries in a size able bag fits into a clutch.

Victoria Becham’s Spring 2013 collection at NYC’s Fashion Week, revealed a new way to carry a handbag, purse or tote no matter the size. Some have called it weird, some have called it awesome but in reality, it is secure, different and defining. It seems classy and you are welcome to join in the trend.

It is essential that we carry our bags in essence to the value they have been purchased, it is also critical that we do not hurt ourselves all in the name of fashion… Ladies hug it like Becham.

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