JUST CALL ME by Guy L. Lotgering

Please do not be frightened,fear of love
there’s nothing for you to fear.
I am a simple emotion,
as natural as the air.
Do not close your windows.
do not shut your doors.
I penetrate all barriers.
I penetrate the soul.
I never ask for permission.
I do whatever I like.
I’m sorry for my rudeness,
It is pointless to fight.
Sometimes I cause you pain,
but that is not my mission.
Mostly I cause joy,
I even help make passion.
I’ve been known to cause confusion,
and my timing can be poor.
You cannot understand me,
I take complete control.
There is no place to run,
there is no where to hide.
You might as well face it,
with me by your side.
I’m the greatest thing on earth,
nothing else even comes close.
You can search for other emotions,
but it’s me that people want most.
No, I cannot be purchased,
I can’t be traded or sold.
I am as free as the sunshine,
to both the young and the old.
So if I come knocking on your heart,
or try to penetrate your brain.
Please don’t attempt to fight me,
your fight will end in vain.
Oh, I have many names.
My body’s the shape of a dove,
If I ever come calling on you,
You can just call me Love.


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