Are You A Convenience Lover?


Regardless of war, famine or hatred; love always exists. It rules mankind; from the birth of a child, to the day of a wedding; to even the day one begins to love someone other than themselves. This love could be sad or happy, it could be mad or awesome, it could come from anyone at anytime and it could be one which could grow out of convenience.

This convenience is hardly understood or spoken of, because it still refers to love. Its love that just exists and both partners who sometimes recognize or don’t recognize it as convenient love go on with whatever it is they are satisfied it. Like a lady who says (he says he loves me, why should I doubt him just cos he hit me? He says he loves me, why should I be angry that he did not ask how I want to achieve my dreams), even a man who says (as long as she did not sleep with the man, she is not cheating on me).

Convenience love is love that you are okay with. You are okay with his hitting you, you are okay that she does not nag at you like the other lady did, you are okay with the fact that your boyfriend never argues with you, you are okay with your relationship, so you won’t ask if there is more to it. He is okay with you being his number one, because in relation to other girls you see around him, you are the only one who would love him when he can’t take you out on a date. You already love him no matter what, so he is okay with you not asking questions that piss him off and you are okay not offending him. He works hard and he buys you gifts, you both hardly see because he works and when you do all he does is ask for sex or takes you shopping and to you that is love, because it is okay for him to work, buy you a gift and satisfy you sexually.

It is convenient for you to be in a marriage where you are being bitten or side tracked because you have children, and those children need a father who would not only be a man but also a financial provider. It is convenient for you because your boyfriend walks down the road and speak of a woman’s buttocks or boobs because it is okay for him to be himself and that isn’t disrespect for you as no one of them shares the same bed with you two and like the saying goes “he is a man”. It is convenient for him to make long distant calls and call you his love or sweetheart and also call all his female friends sweetheart and special people because if you get jealous, you are insecure- a situation which no lady or man should be in, because no relationship should ever make you insecure(a topic for another day).

A convenient relationship makes everything OK but does move you forward. It is convenient for the relationship to go on for years, but not convenient for you to meet his parents or for him to put a ring on it. It is convenient for you to say I have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but it is not convenient for you to make anyone angry with the truth, it is convenient for people to be seen as a perfect couple but it is not convenient to have real communication- everything is just okay, no sacrifice, nothing.

Don’t get it wrong, relationships have issues, even the ones that appear perfect but sometimes people are in a relationship because it is convenient for them- he will beat you because you will come back (please purchase Lola Komolafe’s Decision which would help you understand the mess you are in called a relationship ( ).It is convenient for you not to be more than what they want you to be, which sadly makes you think low of yourself.

Dear people, love is not suppose to hurt, you are not suppose to be okay with what you never intend to be. Nothing should make you okay with average in life, nothing should make you okay with not enjoying life. You have just one life- you should not be in a relationship where you are intimidated to speak out when you want.

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