A Husband, Not A Wedding




Worship my physic, thick or thin
Seek my desire like it’s yours
Watch me from a distance with a smile on your face
Make a meal for me as my hormone gives way into me
Dine with me, wherever it may be, like the meal was made by us
Hold my waist like you can cater to me
Take me to a store and lift the list with me
Stop being the boy that needs mummy to tie his shoe laces
Make yourself the man you want the woman in me for you to become
Be the man that needs me
Be the man that I posses his ribs
Be the man I can play with
Be the man that prays for me and for my prayer to be yea and amen
Consider that other women exist but none like me
Need me like you want me to need you
Tell me your plans be my companion, my confidant regardless of our wedding.

husband and marriage


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