Poem: Young Again

‎It’s hard to believe I was once young,

Hard to believe I once sucked my mum’s breast, seeing I don’t want to imagine her naked

It’s hard to believe my feet were once smallold person

That I slept more than I played

Or that I made so much noise.

It’s hard to believe I once was curious when my puberty stage will begin

So hard to wonder why I was always in a hurry

It’s hard to imagine how I couldn’t wait to grow old

Wait to move to the next process

So hard to say sorry to myself for not doing things I wanted to do

Hard to understand why I didn’t consider people’s emotions

So hard to fathom why I made so many friends rather than influences

Did I really hurt them or myself- I really can’t remember

I can’t believe I once turned you down

Or even made you wish you never knew me

So shallow of me to think I would remain the same

It’s hard to belief‎ I was once a lad who thought they knew it all

So hard to go back and tell myself

So hard to be young again

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