Why Women Stay Friends


Women are interesting human beings; they sometimes never know what they want and sometimes get confused over what they want. They are amazing characters that thrill the male specie and one which many men can’t seem to understand- wonder why men want to understand them anyway, women don’t understand women.

Women are women. That’s all you have to know; they are emotional, strong willed people who grow stronger when something goes wrong and get better when thing go right- they just never seem to give up and thanks to God, they are assigned on earth as helpers.

No doubt, the greatest gossiping specie remains a woman. She either gossips to you, about you or for you- she tells what she likes and what she dislikes. She also makes a good marketing specie who is seductive, outspoken and crazy in the weirdest ways possible. Of cos the men also have their symptoms but when one discusses the symptoms of being a woman, the characteristics are endless and though some people say a man can break and make you, a woman’s point of breaking you is one that brings few to recovery because believe it or not some women are scared of some women.

Many use the bible to speak of what a woman should be either as a wife, as a sister, a friend or just being a woman, however many women- Christian and non-Christian have binding ties that either keep them as friends or make them enemies even though they have always being friends for years.

We know men joke to the point of insulting each other’s parents or even one’s wife and like never before, we see them act like nothing hurtful was said or nothing ever even transpired between them but then in a woman’s case, even a man not showing her attention gets on her nerves- sorry to the men who do not know their offence and yet find their female counterparts angry at them.

Regardless of who you are to a woman- she wants to be appreciated. She wants compliments, from other female friends, she wants them from her partner and she wants them from her children and from strangers. Regardless of how she beautiful she is already, she does not want a day to go by where someone cannot tell her “you look lovely” and this is one of the major issue many women don’t stay friends as it may surprise you to know that women 80% of the time don’t just look good for the sake of men who would compliment them, but for the sake of other female counterparts who can say “What are you doing to look good”.

Many friends, don’t even focus on the “you look good” part, they  just prefer you speaking to them one way or another. They want you to look up to them – maybe its as a result of the motherly instinct in them but women like a part of you that depends on them. They like it when they have something you don’t have. Two ladies could have a discussion and one would say “I wish my hair was as long as yours”, and rather than the second lady replying with just a “thank you”, she would rather describe to you how she maintains- “my mum also has it” or “I make use of…”.

It’s just a woman’s nature; they roll with mum(s) who have kids in their kid’s school, roll with friends who go shopping with them in the same store, fight with friends who think they do better than they are and disapprove of men who do not compliment them. “He doesn’t say he loves me anymore”, “Who does she think she is?”, “I knew her before but she is controlling”….the list is endless.

And sure, since they like to gossip, if you gossip to them, you make a good friend. You could either both gossip about someone or gossip about an attire or a shoe- whatever it is, there has to be something that connects you. They also want to talk about men together- tell them their man is bad and you are in for it. A man who gossips to his wife gets to have more fun as a result of things like this. They don’t necessarily seek to gossip about everyone, they just understand that speaking to one another either of a friend who just got married or someone who just moved into the neighbourhood is much better when there is nothing to talk or fight about.

Sure women make great companions but when you have nothing in common with them, they also have nothing in common with you. They may go to the same place you go and do the same things you do but if it’s not done together with them- you are not a friend to hang out with.

Having something in common- ambition, gossip issues, make up and shopping tasks keeps women together.

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