Poem: Whatatchamacallit?

Take a look at my eyes, what (1)

Take a look at my body

Have a look at your black dress

Take a look at a blackboard

Stare at me in all your intellectualism

Stare at me with all your fierceness

Have a look at yourself

Have a look at the mirror

Look upon your black dress

Do I look like the black you call a black?

Do we who you call black, all look like the color black?

Why then do you call us black?

Why do you think we are a color?

And that you are not a color?

Does your intellectualism say your skin is white?

Scribble and find  answers

For you and I are more than colors

2 thoughts on “Poem: Whatatchamacallit?

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  1. This so so great. May almighty God continue to strengthen your mind and hands to write and present what the world wants to hear. I am so proud and happy for you.

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