10 Reasons Why Best Friends Don’t Date


There is a difference between dating someone you know as your friend who is also your best friend vs making someone you date your best friend. Its OK though, whichever you choose, as long as the relationships yield fruits. However there are best friends that do not date each other and these are some reasons

1) They are too shy to discuss about dating each other. They discuss about everything and even give advice to one another about their individual relationships but they rarely discuss themselves together.

2) ‎They give open opinions and tell each other the truth and feel dating one other could lead to uncontrollable quarrel.

3) They stop being friends because their individual dating partners tell them to cut off.

4) They feel unworthy to date each other as they know each other’s dream and feel they could never be the man or woman the other fellow needs.

5)‎ They often feel moving beyond the friend zone would cause them to become ‎strangers.

6) Many of them never know the extent of their friendship.

7) Many lie to one another about things the other do that get them angry. They sometimes enjoy the friendship and hide feelings about opinions and often tell the other that they are always right.

8) They never reveal jealousy. They play under the myth that “Loving someone is seeing them happy” and to them, that seeing is in the arms of another.

9) They forget to tell one another, how it could be if they stay together- this is based on a thought that they may hurt each other and would rather stay friends than hurt each other as partners

10) They are better of as friends than partners.



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