The Way Of A Woman…

The way of a woman;Woman

Born with more smiles than anyone,

Born with more emotions for the character she would exhibit.

Strength like a lion, care like a panda;

She makes you as strong as you desire or as weak as ‎a prey under her arms.

Able to bring kings to their knees,

She is one specie no one can do without.

A twister of words,

She is Seductive with her lips,

Seductive with her thigh,

Other species drool over and over for this one specie

Undone by nature,

She never stops to become,

Become wise, Become foolish, Become jealous,

Become guilty, Become beautiful, Become stubborn.

She is woman,

She roars, she has no pretense except she wants to.

A controlling specie,

She fights for what she likes and fights for what she dislikes.

A rare gem, none of her is useless.

The last of creation, she tames all other creation.

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