In 2015…

cutest3_edit_edit1) ‎Speak with wisdom, know when to be quiet and when to shout. Rant only and if only your words will move something. Be humble.
2) Know that not everyone has an impact in your life and be happy with being with yourself
3) Love your kids like they were just born and are fragile and have have a lot to learn from you
4) Marry a person, you are comfortable being crazy with and able to tolerate
5) Get a mouth and a wisdom
6) Use the social media to advance your life in all aspects. Follow who will affect your spiritual, financial, clinical, Academic, educational and marital life
7) Pray for others like you will pray for yourself for in time, you will discover that those you pray for have an effect in your life
8) Don’t attend all events just for the sake of it
9) Don’t act rich, don’t act poor.
10) Don’t put a knife in your pocket if you do not want to be stabbed
11) Fear no one except he who can take your soul
12) Know that you cannot solve the world’s problem but that you can put a smile on someone’s face
13) Don’t carry a gun unless you want to be shot with it
14) Don’t wish for what others have unless you can work as others have
15) Don’t preach like you’ve always being perfect
16) Plan your life around your creator
17) Break Traditions
18) Draw closer to your creator
19) Know that you are stupid to remain angry especially at someone
20) Find ways to be better than yourself

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