Poem: Drifters

‎ We drifted apart like the leaves on a tree, Slowly and steadily, we forgot our likes We forgot the things we did together And forgot the memories we had We promised never to forget but we have forgotten We had an item of the other but treated it like trash Had a song but... Continue Reading →

Poem: Our Country, Our Tower of Babel.

Like the tower of babel, We are a people of diverse tongues, A confused nation, a menace society ‎Imitators with lack of understanding We are a nation of thieves A nation of corrupt governance A nation of injustice Settled in a vast and prosperous land A land we make no use of We are displaced... Continue Reading →

3 Facts About Nagging Men

Hope Nwosu

There’s nothing as annoying as a nagging man; be it a colleague, a friend or a passersby. The feeling is often similar.
The worst part of it is when you live under the same roof with that
kind of man.

The Bible says it’s better to live on the roof top than with a nagging woman. However, it didn’t specify what to do when the man, the supposed head of the family turns out to be the ‘Nagger’.

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Seek “A” Counsel, Nigerian E-Counselling Platform Launches

Seek “a” Counsel, an online counselling platform in Nigeria has launched its web and mobile page today for different counselling services which is to be free and available to all visitors and users.   The Launch of Seek “a” Counsel, the first online counseling platform in Nigeria has demonstrated the commitment of some young Nigerians... Continue Reading →

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