Why Being Peaceful Is Important

Ever discovered that the things/ people you thought you could not live without are the things you actually live without?



Everyday of our life, we have a space, a hole to fill. We walk on the surface of the earth with a need to ‎one thing or another and most times we never find something to fill us up, sometimes we find a thing, a person and sadly sometimes those things are just temporary. Most of us call them occurrences, a part of ‎life. While some of us can’t understand life at all, some of us find reasons why things happen and call them theories.


We find food to fill the hole of hunger and nutrient, we find people to fill the hole of love (relationship) or friendship, we want a complement to elevate our self esteem and find careers and businesses to fill the hole of purpose and to many that’s enough but is it really? Don’t you complain when things don’t go your way? Aren’t there some of us who prey on what others have worked for?


These days we are so far from peace and so sad is the world we live in, that despite the easy access to as many friends as possible(social media), we all look for friends, we all look for love despite the world’s huge population and hearts are easily broken and friends often become enemies. The rotation of life is the same decade after decade. We all have a hole to fill and we all find a way to do it, just to compliment ourselves. Some people use meditation to find peace, while others joyfully hurt others with great theories such as, “not everyone is to be pleased”.

Life or whatever your language translates it to be is here to stay and those holes which we all want to fill, would never be a hole if you consider it as something else, your life.‎ People disappoint people and that’s the saddest part but knowing what it is that elevates you as a person, can be of help. Having the right foundation in relationships too can help.


Nothing satisfies anyone to be honest, no appreciation for life or things anymore. All we want is more and more and though it’s awesome to be in love and to have it all. Career, friends, food and shelter, they all don’t satisfy like peace does. Peace from gratitude, peace from acceptance or even peace of total satisfaction from oneself that can make us stress free.


May be you’re having a hard time finding a friend or a relationship to make you totally happy. Truth is, that may never happen until you’re happy yourself and may be you could begin by saying a prayer, finding a joyful talented hobby, understanding your purpose and knowing what you want from the life you’re living.


Can you have it all? Sure you can, but nothing outweighs peace or the satisfaction it brings.

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