If You Don’t Let Go of Your Comfort Zone Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later


My husband and I were driving home from leading worship at a retreat one rainy day. We were zooming down the highway in the church’s 15 passenger van on a four lane highway, going over a bridge. Suddenly, a few cars in front of us, a car was sliding along completely sideways! It looked it was moving in slow motion..or maybe that was my pregnant-at-the-time adrenaline kicking in.

I started with my “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!” and Justin kept his cool behind the wheel looking for the safest way to crash, because in his mind crashing was inevitable. Cars started impacting in front of us, and at the last second, the car on our left moved into the shoulder giving us a free lane to avoid the whole she-bang.

For awhile there, I was definitely not in my comfort zone. The whole “travel” part of the trip was not in my…

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