Seek “A” Counsel, Nigerian E-Counselling Platform Launches

sliderSeek “a” Counsel, an online counselling platform in Nigeria has launched its web and mobile page today for different counselling services which is to be free and available to all visitors and users.


The Launch of Seek “a” Counsel, the first online counseling platform in Nigeria has demonstrated the commitment of some young Nigerians on meeting the socialpreneurial needs of several youth and adults who require a neutral yet effective platform to vent, discuss and receive good advice from experienced professionals that have gained expertise in specific areas of several counseling fields.

“This launch shows Seek “a” Counsel’s commitment to finding novel and innovative ways to meet people’s needs across a wide range of counselling areas,” said a pioneer counselor and listener for Seek “a” Counsel and who immensely believes that the society could become less hostile and a more enabling environment when people have existing avenues and platforms to legally share their fears, pains, issues while seeking quality and lasting advice/solutions without any fear of being stigmatized.

She further added:“With a fast growing number of followers already on Facebook just within few days of its social webpage launch, one can say an e-Counselling platform such as this has been long overdue particularly with the current state of the nation. On whether the service will be free, she responded firmly “All counselling services are free on the platform and no login is required to connect with other listeners, coaches and counselors. The counselling’s public forum will however require a very easy sign-in process as we intend to build a large community of users who may not necessarily want to have direct counselling sessions with counselors but from other users like themselves. Users can simply choose to post less sensitive questions and issues in the forum while other users can also give advice either based on expertise on the subject or their own personal experiences. What we are trying to do is build a community where people can look out for fellow mates like themselves. Love is what makes the world go round and Seek “a” Counsel aims to make that happen.”

Counselling in Nigeria is a very fresh innovation as many Nigerians are still averse to sharing their personal problems with any professional person no matter how experienced they can be as this suggests they have some mental issues and not in control of their emotions. However, one of the founders of Seek “a” Counsel who pleaded anonymity stated “everyone requires counselling as no man is or can be an island. No one was made to be alone. There will be some areas you may be an expert at dealing with while there will be other many areas that you will need help and assistance to overcome the challenges. The average Nigerian believes counselling is demeaning and shows weakness but what makes a person strong and ready to grow is acknowledging their weaknesses and seeking an expert assistance when everything seems to be overwhelming. This is where Seek “a” Counsel aims to provide professional guidance as a healthy mind will invariably produce a healthy sense of judgment and rational thinking, something we dearly need on this side of the continent. And with our experienced listeners/counselors/coaches, we are definite we can create a major impact in reshaping the mindset of many while helping lots of youth and adults attain self-actualization.

Seek “a” Counsel’s website is You can also sign up to follow on Instagram at, Twitter at and on Facebook at

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