Poem: Our Country, Our Tower of Babel.

Like the tower of babel,
We are a people of diverse tongues,
A confused nation, a menace society
‎Imitators with lack of understanding
We are a nation of thieves
A nation of corrupt governance
A nation of injustice
Settled in a vast and prosperous land
A land we make no use of
We are displaced in a wide and fruitful territory
Tribes of different kind,
Languages with numerous boundary
‎Judged by one man, we are one man
Always forgetting we are one,
Always murdering ourselves
We teach injustice and cry out for justice
We signal the hand of peace and cut the hand that wishes us peace
A people of independence, we live in chains
We have forgotten and so we are forgotten
Voting in the men with misplaced priorities
We dissect the men who ‎could break our chains
We remain in the bondage ‎of our diverse tongues
Because we believe that language is our problem
We have become the city of babel
A people with different tribes and languages
A people believing our different languages are our best assets
A people with confused states,
A people of confusion.

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