Poem: Drifters

Untitled (8)

We drifted apart like the leaves on a tree,

Slowly and steadily, we forgot our likes

We forgot the things we did together

And forgot the memories we had

We promised never to forget but we have forgotten

We had an item of the other but treated it like trash

Had a song but forgot the tune

Forgot the day, we named each other

Forgot the day we laughed so hard

Once we were fools but now cannot remember

Cannot fathom the fact that we once shared a kiss

Cannot understand why we looked great together

We have forgotten to love and are no more lovers

Forgotten the reason we once wanted each other

Forgotten that we said just the two of us

We have forgotten and are now as strangers

Strangers on the same bed we sealed our love

Strangers on the streets you said yes to me

Like a bird with no soul, we have become one as one.


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