Prose: A Wife’s Strength After Delivery

It had been six months since I last sucked. Six months since any part of her made me shiver. She always said I was hers but things have changed…   The house is always noisy, always occupied. I don’t even know if I prefer my work place or the house anymore. She doesn’t call my... Continue Reading →

Annoying the Gods By Ralph Dinko& Solomon Mensah

Day was inching closer to night. Not long after the sun had bid the night farewell,those who had gone to their farms were about returning. By now,most farmers werealmost done witheither clearing portions of weeds under their cocoa farms or stocking their baskets with foodstuffs. The people of Kaedabi make their village as busy as... Continue Reading →

Marketing is all about building relationships

Live to Write - Write to Live

You have a business and you want it to grow, so you know you have to make contacts and turn them into connections that lead to business growth. But thinking about the effort as ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ intimidates many, so try to think about it as relationship building.

Nurturing prospects and clients is important to retaining business – and retaining and building your business is your goal, right?

Here are some tactics you can try. Give any or all of them a shot to find what feels best for you and works best for your business.

Offer a perk to a returning client to make her feel special. Perhaps a discount on new work; a discount once a year to see if that encourages clients to hire you for new work. Perks don’t have to be discounts, you could offer a free marketing report for their area of expertise.

Keep in touch

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Dele Momodu’s open letter to Nigeria’s First Lady (Published on today’s Thisday Newspaper)

Your Excellency please let me start by emphasizing the fact that this is my very first letter to you since destiny elevated you and your husband to the highest positions in Nigeria. It may be the last before your tenure expires on May 29, 2015, and another begins with you or someone else in the... Continue Reading →

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